How to choose an SEO agency?

Google's high positions on the website are a great source of customers. According to Fleishman-Hillard research, 89% of consumers search for information in a search engine before making purchasing decisions.
Unfortunately, the multitude of settlement options, technical nuances and problematic measurement of results mean that the purchase of positioning services is not easy. Establishing cooperation with an irresponsible agency can end up not only with a lack of results, but even lowering the current site ranking. So what should you pay attention to?

Tight Slice

AdWords vs SEO

Google Adwords is a system in which boxes advertising websites are placed immediately above (or next to) natural search results, i.e. results available after entering the keyword - Google's sorting algorithm is responsible for them. In AdWords, we settle in the PPC (pay per click) model, which means that we pay for every internet user's access to our website. Some companies, however, sell AdWords campaigns as SEO defined as a set of actions aimed at raising the position of a page in organic results.
Buying ads from AdWords is "reliable" in terms of effectiveness: we'll definitely receive them if we pay. It is different with natural results, which require weeks or months to take care - and the result is also not guaranteed by anyone, in particular by the search engine carefully protecting the details of the algorithm. Let's pay attention to what we buy, Google AdWords campaigns can also be effective, but are completely different than positioning.

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Keywords without searching

When buying SEO, it is usually determined on what keywords the website will be positioned, such words can be several, several or more. These are the words used by Internet users to find the site, for example: a bicycle salon will definitely be interested in the word "bikes". It is important whether there is any movement for the selected phrase, i.e. whether there is an appropriate pool of people interested in the product (bicycle) with the intention of using a given phrase to find the product. If there is no traffic on a given word, then even being high on it will not attract any visits and thus customers.
Phrases without sales potential do not have much competition, so they are positioned relatively easily and there is no problem with offering a contract based on payment "for effect", although the effect will be only on paper. Let's always try to estimate how high your rank will translate into page visits.

Abnormally low price

Effective positioning requires an appropriate amount of work. There is no automatic method that guarantees you quickly get a high position in the search engine and by working for an hour or two a month we will not achieve significant results, therefore SEO services for PLN 49 or 99 per month may mean that the positioner is limited to using an automatic system created only to manipulate search engine results - this is inconsistent with the regulations of the latter and may expose us to losses, as was the case with price comparison websites at the beginning of 2012, when Google imposed on them penalties consisting in lowering the rankings, which translated into large drops in visits. According to the Megapanel PBI / Gemius survey, in January Nokaut website had almost 2.8 million users, and in February nearly 1.1 million. Over a million users lost the website, and skapiec left half a million Internet users.